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Get efficient help for your startup with contract operations talent. Startups use our platform to hire part-time Chiefs of Staff, BizOps, Finance and HR folks, or get short-term project help for modeling, fundraising, hiring, and more... all from our network of proven operators from high growth startups.

We'll help you scope your contract or part-time operations role, connect you to a short list of wildly high quality, pre-vetted candidates, and manage all the paperwork and payments so you can get right to work.

our OPS TALENT proudly comeS from

Startups turn to our marketplace to hire pre-vetted contract & fractional operators.

The future of ops work is flexible. Hire for Chief of Staff, Business Operations, Finance & People, Business Generalist roles, and more, for as many hours or projects as you need.

We match your custom scope with experienced operators, make direct introductions, and then handle all the paperwork and payments for you.

how our process works

Tell us about the ops work you're hiring for

You need someone to run your GTM efforts, support fundraising, and wrangle your EA? No problem. Let us know the role, skills, and commitment you need, and we meet with you to understand all the nuances. Defining ops work is notoriously hard, but we’re experts who understand ops roles and will write the job description with you.

We make the match, you get curated candidates

We market your role inside our network of pre-vetted operators. You'll get a curated list of candidates ready to start work—plus direct introductions. Review better-than-LinkedIn profiles that show each candidate's work history, results, and skillsets. You decide who to interview, then make an offer.

Contracts, compliance, and payments handled

We take care of all the details—contracts, payments, tax compliance and paperwork—so you and your operator can get right to work. As you get started, we're here for support, conflict resolution, and even ops best practices. (Love your operator? Bring them on full-time. Not a good fit? No stress; let us know and we'll find you someone new within a week.)

find out why startups love us

You’ve hired contract engineers. Now you can do it for ops.

Our candidate network is full of startup operators with 5+ years experience who are proven in these roles. Hire for the exact mix of skills you need.

Chief of Staff

Get exec support on managing overall internal operations, fundraising, research and other project work.

BizOps & Data Analytics

Get help with fundraising, data modeling, setting up dashboards, and more.

Product Management

Hire proven PMs from inside SaaS, Fintech, AI, Healthcare and more.

HR, People Ops, & Recruiting

Part-time help for L&D, recruitment, your people ops tech stack and more.


From positioning a new product to experimenting with new GTM channels, our Operators come from e-comm, B2B, B2C, and more.

Project Management

Get part-time help with important initiatives, research, or wrangling your engineers.

Online/Offline Ops

From E-comm to Food Delivery, get systems and strategy help from operators from Uber, Blue Apron, General Assembly, The Wing and more.

Business Generalist

A little bit of all the above? We got you.

Why startups love us

Hire efficiently: Get experienced operators for your team, for the hours you need, at the rates that make sense.
Our network is proven and pre-vetted for you—no sorting through resumes trying to decipher good fit. We've done that for you.
We make direct introductions for you to people in our network, ending the cold DM dilemma and helping you hire fast.
Detailed profiles for every candidate, showing case studies and detailed data on their work history, industry, funding environment and team size experience.

Why operators love us

Start or grow your "portfolio career"

We introduce you directly to the hiring manager for opportunities that are a great match for your experience.
Forget resumes and LinkedIn that don't show you off at your best. You'll build your HG Profile, a mix of a professional portfolio and a traditional resume, supercharged with data and personality.
Flex your time and skills with contract projects and fractional opportunities with startups you'd be thrilled to join.

“Hello Generalist is nothing short of magic… fantastic for entrepreneurs.”

Zainab · Founder & CEO · Eat, Cook, Joy
Hired their first business hire on a contract · Bootstrapped small business

“HG was exactly what we needed.”

Abhi · Founder & CEO· Fleek
Found a Chief of Staff · Seed Stage Startup backed by YC and a16z

“I can't believe how much time I wasted on other platforms. Founders, get on this!”

Jason · Cofounder & CEO · Venue.live
Hired a Chief of Staff · Seed Stage Startup backed by YC