Let us flex.

We believe the future of work is one where humans get to flex: Pick what you work on, who you work with, and be seen for your full set of skills.

Independent work holds the promise of a genuinely flexible, more meaning filled life. But somewhere along the way, the contract world grew stodgy, only promoting single skill, box checking robots. But humans aren't robots!

Startups are seeking efficiency.

This year has brought some wild market changes. Not every startup can afford another full-time person—let alone one to manage People Ops, and one to do BizOps, and a Chief of Staff. We connect startups to operators across these areas and more.

Operators want career flexibility.

We hear it over and over again: The smartest Operators have realized that contract work is the ticket to true flexibility. We help proven startup operators jump start and grow their independent careers and build more meaning-filled lives.

Built with love in san Francisco

hello — team

Shaina Anderson


Exec at Chewse from seed through acquisition · Chief of Staff at Yelp Restaurants · 15 years building businesses

Elyse Holladay

Product Lead, Founding Team

Indeed.com Software Engineer and Product Manager · Senior UI Engineer at RetailMeNot and Bazaarvoice · Founder of unfolding.style


We believe startups are an engine for good in the world, and operators are key to their success. We exist to empower operations leaders through their freelance career, helping them find and do their best work.