generalists are the future of work—and the work of the future needs generalists.

The world of work has fundamentally changed.

Companies are no longer hiring a list of responsibilities. Teams working on the most compelling problems need people with a deep expertise and an adaptable approach. Over-simplified (or overwhelming) job descriptions don’t excite the kinds of people who can come solve big challenges, help a team thrive, and bring a vision to life.

Alternative ways of working are here to stay. Remote, hybrid in-office, the 4-day week, fractional, and freelance work are more compelling than ever. We’ve realized the power of freelancing, to the tune of a 20% increase in freelancers in the US last year alone. From fractional C-level support, to building your team with AI, full-time and part-time, contract work isn’t just for tactical tasks anymore.

Work continues to go global. Companies are embracing talent from all around the world for more than cheap outsourcing. You can do your best work from anywhere, and the best people come from everywhere.

AI has officially entered the chat. We’re optimistic that these tools can free us from the repetitive drudgery. Instead, we want to spend our precious time on work's real challenges: collaboration, strategy, creative problem-solving.

Surviving or thriving? Companies and workers are caught between optimism and uncertainty. We were promised work from home, but what we got was always on, burnt out, and laid off, yet we still hope for true flexibility. Companies who will survive must make choices amid high financial risk and a shifting post-pandemic economy.

gen·er·al·ist, noun

an expert learner who excels in ambiguous situations. someone who gains context quickly, delivers day-one value, and balances strategy and execution. people with a future-focused mindset that helps them stay curious and willing to experiment.

Think about the most talented people you know. They’re experts, excellent at what they do—but what makes them magical is their generalist mindset. They’re flexible instead of rigid.

They connect ideas across disciplines, applying their diverse experiences and skillsets to every new challenge. They love flexing in and out of challenges with ease. They are emotionally intelligent, curious and humble. They are curious and always experimenting with new ways to tackle the complex and ambiguous future.

They might not do things the way everyone else does, but they always get things done.

💡 We believe generalists are uniquely capable of driving the work the future needs.

what if the future of work was better, not worse?

We want to create a world where work is truly flexible and supportive of humans. This is more urgent than ever.

Part-time or project-based. Human-centric and asynchronous. Calling on your area of expertise. Room to grow. Making major impact. Global. Collaborative.

We envision a flexibility that give us the spaciousness to do thoughtful and creative work; to spend time with family and kids; to be an empathetic manager; to create something new and meaningful together. The kind of flexibility that helps us keep our identity and self-worth separate from our career. The kind of flexibility that lets us be intentional about what we do with our precious time on this earth 🌱

We reject the fearmongering and panic, the doom and gloom. What if the future of work was supportive of humans, companies, and the future? What if the future of work was better, not worse?

hello, generalist.
will you join us as we remake work?

We believe flexible work brings out the best in generalists—and the world needs us at our best.

Our challenge to you? Be a generalist. Embrace ambiguity and curiosity. Apply your expertise to new fields and models. Continue learning. Have optimism in the face of change—you will figure it out, just like you always have. Stay empathetic. Stay flexible. Stay visionary.