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Hire your first business generalist, someone to manage online-offline ops, Project Managers to own initiatives, and Ops leaders at various levels.

How HG operators can support your business

<span class="skillset-tag">Fractional COO</span>

<span class="skillset-tag">Operating cadence</span>

<span class="skillset-tag">Internal Comms</span>

<span class="skillset-tag">Board & investor relations</span>

<span class="skillset-tag">Companywide planning</span>

<span class="skillset-tag">First business hire</span>

<span class="skillset-tag">Online-offline</span>

<span class="skillset-tag">Logistics & Field Teams</span>

<span class="skillset-tag">Market expansion</span>

<span class="skillset-tag">Project management</span>

<span class="skillset-tag">Agile/Scrum</span>

<span class="skillset-tag">Automations</span>

Create automations and efficiency

A part-time Ops hire can help you build automations in Google Sheets, Zapier, Airtable, ChapGPT, and more. Streamline your business with efficient workflows.

Organize online-offline operations

Need someone who knows the ins and outs of operating a business between the real and digital worlds? Hire an experienced operator to build your 1099 field team, manage delivery or warehouse logistics, expand into new physical markets, or coordinate online service orders to offline customers.

Your first business hire

Looking for your first business hire, or simply need someone to support you on twelve different business related projects? A contract operator can help you with it all, from coordinating teams or vendors, developing processes from scratch, or implementing the earliest stages of ops for your growing business.

What does your business need?
Whether you have a highly-specific project and skillset in mind, or need our expert guidance to help scope your role, we've got you. Once you're on the HG platform, you'll get connected directly to candidates matched to your role.
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Jason Goldsign — CEO, Venue.live

Explore other categories

Fractional Executives

Part-time VPs and C-Suite leaders for Operations, People, Finance, and more. Fractional leaders work on your team part-time for 3-12 months to take your business to the next level — before you're ready to hire someone full time. Test the waters with a potential hire, and get immediate help instead of a slow search and onboarding.


We help startups of all sizes get connected to proven finance leaders and doers. Discover an outsourced accountant to manage your books, a general Finance Lead to help with forecasting and analysis, or a fractional CFO to guide your longterm strategy.


Time to expand? Our marketplace is filled with leaders who have grown and scaled startups in industries from e-comm to B2B SaaS to restaurants, so you'll find the skills you need to help you scale. Get support from a strong sales rep or marketer, or level up your strategy with a Fractional CRO.

BizOps & Data

Hire a proven analytical doer to help define and measure success, from building dashboards and automations to data modeling to creating day-to-day process aligned to strategy.

People & HR

Part-time help for L&D, recruitment, your people ops tech stack and more. Hire for People Ops leads, a temporary Recruiter, a HR Generalist, or even a Fractional Chief People Officer.

Chief of Staff

The Chiefs of Staff in our marketplace come from some of the most successful startups, and have fundraises, exits, team re-orgs, product launches, and ops systems under their belt. Hire for support with special projects, your next fundraise, to get a trusted pair of hands during a major reorg, or any one of the hundreds of projects an excellent COS can own.

Ready to hire an experienced contract operator? We know you need help yesterday, so let's get started. First, tell us what you're hiring for and we'll help you develop your job scope. We'll build a curated list of pre-vetted candidates that match your needs. Interview who you want and make an offer. We'll handle the paperwork.

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